BazaarVoice vs. Yogi

Your reviews are valuable.

You just need the right tool to discover that value.

Yogi aggregates and breaks down reviews to show exactly how products are performing, uncover deep consumer analytics, and uncover competitive intelligence. 

Yogi’s AI-powered platform is like having endless consumer surveys and focus groups available instantly, to answer all your questions. Better and faster.

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Choosing the right review partner

If you’re just looking for review syndication and engagement capabilities (and don’t care about Amazon reviews), look no further than BazaarVoice.

However, If you’re looking to go deeper and turn product reviews into meaningful business changes that increase sales in the long term - Yogi is for you.

While review aggregation tools like Bazaarvoice tout some level of review analysis, they don’t go deeper than basic keyword-based metrics such as (often misleading) word clouds, and top-line metrics like review volume and star rating. But that only scratches the surface of the information that’s available using deep review analysis.

Side by side comparison of BazaarVoice versus Yogi customer insights platform.

Review analysis that goes beyond the “what”

Let's put it this way, platforms like BazaarVoice tell you the "what"

  • What number of reviews do you have
  • What is your star rating
  • What words appear the most

But it stops there, leaving you to piece together the rest without clear answers. In fact, without customer review data from Amazon or your competitors, you’re only seeing part of the picture.

That’s where Yogi comes in, giving you the “why” behind the what.

  • Why exactly did ratings decline over the last quarter
  • Why do customers mention a specific feature
  • Why shoppers prefer your brand above the competition

Even more, Yogi guides you to the answer of “how” you can act on those insights.

  • How you can update PDPs to expand to align customer expectations
  • How you can optimize your product roadmap to meet customer needs
  • How you can act on trends to stay ahead of the competition

It’s in the “why” and the “how” that real impacts are made.

Yogi offers brands

Instant data-backed answers from real customers
AI-Powered data summaries
Competitive intelligence and benchmarking
Aggregated reviews from sources that matter the most (including Amazon!)
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