Understand your customers, like never before


Yogi brings structure and meaning to customer feedback,

helping you build great products and fantastic experiences.

Companies today get more feedback from more sources than ever

Yogi takes the flood of unstructured feedback and puts

every datum in its rightful place

Integrate with multiple feedback sources

Consolidate all your customer feedback into a single repository.

Add or filter sources as you see fit.

Categorize your feedback across topics

Yogi's AI reads all your data and categorizes them across the topics

it finds. Bring your domain knowledge to bear by renaming, splitting, or merging topics.

Visualize the voice of your customer

Intuitive, interactive visualizations make it easy to find

the signal in the noise to make data-driven decisions.

Customize your dashboard

Slice and dice your data across any variable. Build custom visualizations to help answer your most pressing questions and to present your findings.

Introducing the Yogi Feedback Network

The Yogi Feedback Network is built using our NLP technology. Each node represents an individual piece of feedback and connections are made between similar data points. The network is then colored based on topic.

See Yogi In Action

Our platform has helped companies across industries proactively identify product improvements, research customer segments, and assess competition.

Hard Seltzer 

Everyone knows Hard Seltzer is very popular, but what's driving that popularity? Check out what consumers are saying about the leading products in the market and what's driving their buying decision!

Brands: Truly, White Claw, Press, Bud Light Seltzer, Bon Viv, High Noon, Cape Line, and several others.

Ready-To-Drink Protein

Yogi looked at the ready-to-drink protein market to understand how factors like ingredients, taste, and macronutrient content could affect purchasing decisions.

Brands: Muscle Milk, CorePower, Owyn, Premier Protein, and Iconic

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