We're Yogi,

A Company Obsessed With Customer Feedback

Our Story

Yogi was founded with the goal of leveraging artificial intelligence to build better products and experiences.


Coming from careers in Fortune 500 companies, co-founders Gautam Kanumuru and Chad Becker saw that today's "best practices" for ushering customer feedback into product development is still painstakingly manual and underdeveloped.

The best friends teamed up to invent Yogi, an analytics platform powered by deep machine learning architecture, Natural Language Processing algorithms, and cutting-edge visualizations.

Our Mission

Yogi aims to usher in a new age of excellent customer experience by better integrating the downstream stakeholders of products to the upstream developers, marketers and executives through AI-assisted data-driven decision making.

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415 Madison Avenue 4th Floor, New York, New York 10017


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