Yogi’s customer insights help CPGs understand how they stack up against the competition

Get unparalleled visibility into what customers think about your competitors

Use Yogi to track shifts in the market and understand exactly what customers like and dislike about products.

Visibility into Competitive Sentiment

Use Yogi to track shifts in your competitor's sentiment over time.

Benchmark Against the Market

Compare metrics to averages in the market for a holistic view.

Quantify & Measure Consumer Perception

Combine sentiment with verbatims from reviews to understand why customers feel the way they do.

See how Yogi was used for developing and maintaining a competitive advantage in the highly competitive Hard Seltzer market.

Other Features

What else can you do with Yogi?

Brand Tracking

Understanding the sentiment around your brand has never been more important. Yogi's platform makes it simple.
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e commerce listing

E-commerce Listing

Using Yogi, companies have improved Product Detail Pages (PDPs), leading to higher star ratings, better conversion rates, and more revenue.
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Product Improvements

Product Improvements

Yogi's ability to combine consumer sentiment with topics of conversation makes it easy to find what users like and dislike.
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Competitive Analysis

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Yogi can take your shopper insights to the next level.

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