Yogi's review analysis helps companies understand what consumers like and dislike about their brand

Get an in-depth understanding of how customers feel about your brand and why

Use Yogi to track changes in Customer Sentiment over time and understand where you rank in the market.

Understand Changes in Brand Sentiment

Use Yogi to track changes in consumer sentiment over time.

Quantify & Measure Customer Perception

Combine sentiment with verbatims from reviews to understand why consumers feel the way they do.

Benchmark your Brand Against Competitors

Compare your metrics to competitors' to understand where you rank in the market.

See how Yogi helped the world's largest brands contextualize ranking and consumer preferences in the men's and women’s fragrance space

Luxury Fragrance Analysis

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E commerce Listing

Using Yogi, companies have improved Product Detail Pages (PDPs), leading to higher star ratings, better conversion rates, and more revenue.
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e commerce listing

Product Improvements

Yogi's ability to combine consumer sentiment with topics of conversation makes it easy to find what users like and dislike.
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Product Improvements

Competitive Analysis

In a fast moving, eCommerce powered world, knowing where your competitors stand has grown in importance. Yogi makes it simple.
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Competitive Analysis

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