Yogi help you turn customer feedback into impactful changes that improve ratings and sales.

Optimize eCommerce listings to drive conversion and better address customer needs

Yogi distills what customers are saying about your products into detailed insights, so you can identify exactly what matters to your audience and adjust accordingly.

Prioritize PDP Claims

With Yogi, you can see what claims/features users talk about the most so you know what to prioritize.

Target Top Competitors

Yogi's powerful visualizations make it easy for you to find open opportunities that you can fill.

Optimize eCommerce Copy

Compare your KPIs to competitors' to understand where you rank in the market.

See how brands in the Children’s Carseat space used Yogi to increase conversion rates by making strategic upgrades to PDP messaging.

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Other Features

What else can you do with Yogi?

Brand Tracking

Understanding the sentiment around your brand has never been more important. Yogi's platform makes it simple.
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Product Improvements

Yogi's ability to combine consumer sentiment with topics of conversation makes it easy to find what users like and dislike.
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Product Improvements

Competitive Analysis

In a fast moving, eCommerce powered world, knowing where your competitors stand has grown in importance. Yogi makes it simple.
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Competitive Analysis

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Yogi can take your shopper insights to the next level.

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