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Customer Sentiment Analysis, Built for Consumer Goods Brands

Yogi is the shopper sentiment platform for consumer goods brands. Our ROI-focused approach helps our partners get better insights into their customers and competitors, powering PDP, marketing, and product changes. Discover how our proprietary AI & NLP technology lets you turn your shopper feedback and reviews into detailed data sources, uncovering emerging issues, opportunities, and trends.
Questions & Answers

Why are Yogi’s insights better than the competition?

Yogi is the only service that uses cutting edge AI and NLP tools to look at customer sentiment at a granular level. Our insights go beyond the basics, showing consumer sentiment on everything from entire brands down to individual product attributes. And it does it on demand. No waiting for customer surveys or focus groups.

Does Yogi integrate with other tools we are already using?

Yes. Yogi integrates with review aggregators and social listening tools such as Bazaarvoice, PowerReviews, and Yotpo as well as BI visualization tools such as PowerBi and Tableau. Yogi also has API key integration capabilities.

Can Yogi pull in competitor products too?

Yes. Yogi pulls from market-wide sources to create a comprehensive view of the landscape.

Is there a limit to the number of users we can give an account to?

No, a Yogi subscription includes unlimited user seats.
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