AI-Driven Competitive and Consumer Analytics, Directly from Reviews and Ratings

Yogi instantly turns product reviews into a strategic resource, powered by the people who love your products, and those who don't (yet).

⭐️ Aggregate reviews from any public source, like Amazon, Walmart, and Target

⭐️ Instantly identify and quantify themes and trends across thousands of reviews

⭐️ Filter reviews down to the product level by attribute, rating, time frame, and more

⭐️ Benchmark trends against your competition and monitor the entire market

⭐️ Use real consumer data to power PDPs, marketing messaging, and product innovation

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Other questions of prefer to get in touch over email? Feel free to reach out to us at

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Other Features

What else can you do with Yogi?

E commerce Listing

Using Yogi, companies have improved Product Detail Pages (PDPs), leading to higher star ratings, better conversion rates, and more revenue.
e commerce listing

Product Improvements

Yogi's ability to combine consumer sentiment with topics of conversation makes it easy to find what users like and dislike.
Product Improvements

Competitive Analysis

In a fast moving, eCommerce powered world, knowing where your competitors stand has grown in importance. Yogi makes it simple.
Competitive Analysis

Use Review Insights To Unlock Opportunities for Your Brand and Products

⭐️ Aggregate reviews from public and private sources
⭐️ Organize reviews with AI based on meaningful impact
⭐️ Make tangible improvements to your business

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