Cliq Products Uses Yogi to Inform Product Innovation and Core Value Propositions

Top Organizational Impacts

With Yogi’s online review analysis platform, Cliq Products has been able to…

Make data informed UX decisions based on sentiment analysis.

Identify core value propositions & messaging using Yogi themes.

Develop best-in-class product attributes to out perform the competition.

About Cliq Products

About Cliq Products

Cliq’s signature product is a water bottle size chair for anywhere, an innovative outdoor chair that folds up to the size of a water bottle and takes only 5 seconds to set up.

Furniture & Home Furnishings Manufacturing
Santa Barbara, California
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Product Innovation

Identify Marketing Claims

Improve Workflows

The Challenge

Cliq Products was developing a cupholder for their signature outdoor chair, a new feature for their brand. In a highly competitive market, they needed to develop a cupholder that would undoubtedly appeal to customers.

Yogi Use Case

Yogi’s K-means based Natural Language Processing was able to analyze the top performing outdoor chairs to identify the areas of negative sentiment, even within overall positive reviews, to help Cliq develop a best-in-class customer experience.

Data Informed Solution

Cliq Product was able to identify specific areas of common negative sentiment in other cup holders and use that information to develop a cupholder that would appeal to consumers and negate frequent complaints.

Return on Investment

Cliq developed a winning product feature and saved valuable time spent on product development research as well as substantial budget that would have been spent on market research tactics such as focus groups and surveys.

Yogi can take your shopper insights to the next level.

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