T3 Micro Makes Customer-Centric Decisions Using Yogi Sentiment Analysis

Top Organizational Impacts

With Yogi’s online review analysis platform, T3 Micro has been able to…

Understand Voice of Customer for their target audience and competitors.

Make data-backed decisions about product development & innovation.

Create more efficient work flows and save time manually analyzing review data.

About T3 Micro

About T3 Micro

T3 Micro manufactures innovative hair styling tools that are expertly designed to produce best-in-class results, simplify the hair styling process, and enable personal expression.

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Product Innovation

Workflow Efficiency

The Challenge

T3 Micro was in development for a new product category, as well as updates and new features for existing products. They needed to develop and measure strong marketing campaigns, eCommerce PDPs, and campaign messaging.

Yogi Use Case

Using Yogi’s variety of capabilities and Customer Success team, T3 Micro was able to clearly understand the Voice of Customer, automate in-depth brand reporting, and identify shortcoming amongst current competitors offerings.

Data Informed Solution

T3 Micro positioned their brand accordingly in marketing campaigns and PDPs using specific themes and topics of conversation identified by Yogi. In depth visibility into customer feedback greatly improved workflows and weekly reporting.

Return on Investment

Early results have been positive, with their new product launch averaging .2 stars above market average and positive sentiment around the core themes identified by Yogi. Improved reporting and workflows allows their team to work more efficiently.
“It was hard for us to understand the Voice of the Consumer and that’s been a big focus for us over the past few years.”

At T3 Micro, getting a clear understanding of the Voice of Customer was a challenge that continued to increase with the growth of omnichannel eCommerce strategies. Not only was it difficult to understand the Voice of Customer, but sentiment analysis, brand tracking, and ratings were also important areas of growing priority.

Knowing that they needed an in-depth look into customer feedback to gain a competitive advantage and create better customer experiences, T3 Micro started analyzing consumer review data manually. 

Analyzing customer Ratings & Reviews and other customer feedback proved to be a difficult and time consuming process. It consisted of hours spent copy and pasting reviews into spreadsheets, leaving less time to understand the customer and find relevant insights. 

This was when T3 Micro realized they needed a product insights platform.

“We were looking for something that was more custom, more dynamic. Not just in terms of the voice of the consumer, sentiment analysis, and ratings but to also allow us to leverage the data. Yogi has allowed us to own the data and own how we want to analyze it.”

In their search for the right customer sentiment platform, T3 Micro needed a tool that was customizable and dynamic enough to consistently capture a wide range of information across a variety retailers and competitors.

After looking into the biggest data solutions out there, they went with Yogi because of how clear and granular the data was for analyzing consumer sentiment. T3 Micro felt that Yogi was the right solution not only because of the comprehensive data, but also because the dashboards are tailored to fit their specific needs, giving them the ability to analyze and manipulate the product review data as they see fit.


Finally, Yogi’s bespoke customer experience, which allows each customer’s team members to understand the software on an expert level and provide feedback, made Yogi the clear choice for T3 Micro.

“We look to leverage technologies that will allow us to understand what the consumer needs and is saying about our brands and products so we can make better-educated decisions when it comes to new products or product changes.”

Since using Yogi, not only does T3 Micro have a more comprehensive view into their reviews, but they’re also able to understand the market landscape and analyze their competitors reviews. This allows them to quickly and easily identify and the make necessary changes to stay ahead of the competition.

 Having a seamless product review analysis tool has enabled team members to better utilize their time and efforts elsewhere, such as strengthening internal reporting and acting on product review insights.

Access to automatically refreshed and easy-to-manipulate data, has allowed T3 Micro to create customized brand and product quality reports on a weekly basis. This enhanced reporting keeps the organization abreast of how the consumer is perceiving the product and educates them on when and how to pivot when needed to remain competitive in their industry.

At T3 Micro, they prioritize quickly and easily understanding the Voice of the Customer, and Yogi enables them to do just that. Yogi empowers T3 Micro to own their own data with full visibility and decide how they want to analyze it in a way that will make a difference to their

Yogi can take your shopper insights to the next level.

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