Project Spotlight: Coffee Mate

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Nestlé Canada used Yogi to discover Voice of Customer-driven insights and improve their internal workflows.

New Product Use Case Discovered

Improved Internal Workflows

Market-Wide Competitive Analysis

About Nestlé Canada

About Nestlé Canada

Nestlé Canada is one of the world's largest consumer food and beverage companies with a large and far-reaching product catalog. Sold globally in dozens of variations, Coffee Mate is one of the world's most recognizable coffee creamers.

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Improve Workflows

Competitive Analysis

The Challenge

Nestlé Coffee Mate began using Yogi’s shopper sentiment platform with the general goal of aligning more with their customers and using Voice of Customer insights and making better, more informed recommendations to their marketing team.

Yogi Use Case

Using Yogi generated themes, conversation topics, and verbatims, the Coffee Mate team quickly identified a variety of alternative use cases for their products that they had previously been unaware of.

Data Informed Solution

Julia’s team promptly shared these insights with the eCommerce team, who then implemented changes in their PDPs and marketing that highlighted these alternative usage moments.

Return on Investment

Yogi enhanced Nestlé’s internal processes helping their team discover new use cases and consumer trends faster. This paid off for Coffee Mate by improving their time to action, aligning their messaging with Voice of Customer insights, and opening up their products to a larger audience.

Finding new uses cases with shopper sentiment

Coffee Mate has a wide range of varieties, including liquid and powder formulas, dairy-free, sugar-free, lactose-free, and a large selection of classic, experimental, and seasonal flavors. 

Through Yogi, Julia and her team discovered that Nestlé Coffee Mate had a huge opportunity. Analysis revealed that other brands were showing a higher number of positive reviews mentioning uses in beverages other than coffee. This represented an opportunity for an already ubiquitous brand to expand its market share and reach potential new audiences of non-coffee drinkers, and share wonderful new use cases with their existing customers. 

So what did Nestlé do with their new Yogi-powered insights? 

After partnering with Yogi, Julia’s expert reporting team quickly delivered the insights to their marketing and eCommerce teams.

The new data uncovered also revealed that some customers were using the product in baked goods and seasonal beverages. Using this information, Nestlé was able to introduce these claims in updated marketing messaging, positioning Coffee Mate as a highly versatile product with uses beyond coffee.

The final product was updated marketing claims in PDP’s and Amazon Bullet Points. With updated claims such as “delicious mix-in for eggnog, sugar cookies or french toast”, Nestlé opened up Coffee Mate to a wider audience including bakers, children, and non-coffee drinkers.

Yogi User Spotlight: Julia Ford-Roumani

Leader in analytics and consumer experience data at Nestlé with a specialty in advanced reporting and consumer insights. 

“The speed and efficiency that consumers expect today, they also expect to be heard by their brands. So making sure that feedback comes full circle delivers a more rich consumer journey, consumer experience, and experience overall with the brands.” - Julia Ford-Roumani

Nestlé Canada + Yogi 

Julia’s advanced consumer data reporting team delivers insight to hundreds of marketers in more than ten different business categories, a tall order, even for one of the world's most innovative consumer goods companies. Their ongoing challenge is to understand the unique needs of each vertical enough to deliver insight, and most importantly, action. 

Armed with Yogi’s customer insights platform, Julia has positioned her team as data experts who can answer questions and discover insights to fuel marketing efforts across their diverse portfolio of brands.

“Marketers are inundated with so many different data sources these days, and to expect them to be experts and do their jobs, as well as to be data experts, and be able to go deep. Not every marketer has the time to do that.” - Julia Ford-Roumani

By analyzing customer review & ratings data in real-time, Nestlé has been able to not only improve marketing messaging and PDP claims, but also manage competing priorities through increased visibility into competitors and the market as a whole. 

Hear How Julia’s Team Used Yogi Competitive Analysis to Inform Strategic Action Around Negative Sentiment for Infant Nutrition

Using Yogi data, Nestlé is able to deliver timely and actionable consumer information to marketing teams, enabling them quickly take informed and strategic action. This expert data delivery approach has lead to more efficient workflows and improved customer experiences

“One of the things we uncovered on our infant nutrition side was negative sentiment on some of the formula related reviews. After digging into that, we narrowed it down to eComm and shipping related packaging damage. A lot of the times these packages were arriving damaged. And that was hurting our overall average rating, because nobody wants to get beat up looking packages, especially when it comes to something as important is infant formula. What helped us scale back the urgency of that problem was understanding that it wasn't just our products experiencing this difficulty, it was also our competitors. So we looked at Enfamil, we looked at Similac, and they were also having similar shipping experiences. That allowed us to follow up with our  eCommerce partners and have a discussion about what could be done to improve this.” -Julia Ford-Roumani

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