Project Spotlight: Tylenol Dissolve Packs

Top Organizational Impacts

Johnson & Johnson began using Yogi’s shopper sentiment platform with the goal of better understanding what issues their consumers had with their products.

+1 average star rating increase

Identify actionable Voice of Customer insights

+9% estimated online conversion rate

About Tylenol Dissolve Packs:

About Tylenol Dissolve Packs:

Tylenol dissolve packs are an innovative powdered version of the ubiquitous over-the-counter pain medication, meant to be poured directly on the tongue.

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The Challenge

Tylenol released a powder version of their products called “dissolve packs”. To take the product, all you had to do was rip the packet open and pour the powder into your mouth. The Tylenol team put significant marketing dollars behind the product with high-performance expectations.

Yogi Use Case

Using Yogi’s shopper sentiment platform, the Tylenol team quickly discovered two useful Voice of Customer Insights. First, customers loved how quickly the product worked. Second, a majority of 1-star reviews were from customers who didn’t understand how to use the product.

Data Informed Solution

Using this information, Tylenol’s eCommerce teams updated online product description pages to emphasize the two insights they had learned. Key PDP changes included updated marketing claims to reflect the product's fast action and images explaining how to use the product.

Return on Investment

In just a short time after updating the product description pages, Tylenol saw an increase in organic star rating of 1 full star as well as a substantial increase in conversion rate.

Fueling success with shopper sentiment

In their first few days using Yogi, the Tylenol team discovered two critical insights:

  1. Something new their customers loved. Consumers loved how fast the product worked, and frequently mentioned this in positive reviews, claiming it was one of the fastest versions of Tylenol. Up to this point, Tylenol Dissolve Packs were not marketed as fast acting.  
  1. A common theme in negative reviews. The majority of 1-star reviews complained about the product format, specifically that they would open the packet, pour it in water, but the powder didn’t dissolve. These consumers hadn’t realized that they had to pour the product directly into their mouth.

So, what did the Tylenol team do with their new Yogi-powered insights?

With new visibility into two major opportunities, the Tylenol team jumped into action, making two subtle but impactful changes:  

  1. With the knowledge that consumers experienced faster results than with other Tylenol products, marketing added this point to their campaign messaging, and positioned the product as a quicker solution to pain than traditional tablets. 
  1. Realizing that the majority of 1-star reviews were related to misunderstanding the use of the product, the Tylenol team made PDP adjustments, pushing “no water needed” messaging wherever possible to ensure that significantly more consumers understood how to use the product. 

The results speak for themselves. From these adjustments, Tylenol Dissolve packs saw a full 1 star rating increase in new reviews after the change and an estimated 9% online conversion rate increase.

“Through the outputs that we received within our partnership, we were able to uncover a totally new claim that we didn't have on our radar. We saw common themes between a lot of the consumer reviews. And we were able to work with our R&D partners, develop the marketing claim, and add that to our PDPs.” -Brianna Chamberlain

Yogi User Spotlight: Brianna Chamberlain

Brianna Chamberlain is a Yogi User and leader in digital innovation & capabilities at Johnson & Johnson with specialty in reviews & ratings and omni-channel eCommerce.

“In eCommerce and omnichannel, we traditionally thought about ratings and reviews as a ‘nice-to-have’ to help drive purchase intent. Now they're a must-have - that is something that I will stand behind for the rest of my life. Ratings & reviews, drive purchase, they drive trial, and they drive awareness”

Johnson & Johnson + Yogi

One of the keys to J&J's longtime success is its ability to understand the needs of its customers and create products that meet those needs. That’s why understanding shopper sentiment has become a top priority.

With the rapid growth of eCommerce and omni channel shopping, J&J needed to quickly analyze unprecedented quantities of customer feedback data for informative and actionable consumer insights. 

By analyzing customer feedback in real-time, J&J has been able to expose new customer preferences and product claims. Using this data, J&J is able to quickly respond through PDP, packaging, and messaging updates while also addressing long-term product development opportunities such as product formulation or features. This multi-layered approach has led to higher customer satisfaction, increased sales, and greater brand loyalty. 

“Being able to understand what consumers are saying about our products is such a great way to optimize…helping us make real-time business decisions based on the data that we're seeing” - Brianna Chamberlain

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