Venus Uses Yogi to Turn Qualitative Customer Feedback into Quantitative Data

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Venus uses Yogi to understand and contextualize Voice of Customer, align internal resources, and make data-driven decisions.

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Venus is a leading women's fashion brand with a commitment to quality, affordability, and customer service. Whether customers are looking for wardrobe staples or swimwear, Venus offers a diverse selection to cater to their individual tastes and preferences.

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Use Cases
  • Voice of Customer Reporting
  • Competitive Intelligence 
  • Data-Backed Decision Making

The Challenge

Before adopting Yogi, Venus found collecting and analyzing customer feedback cumbersome and time-consuming. While qualitative responses were highly valuable, the sheer volume made it difficult to summarize and keep track of changes, trends, and new topics.

Yogi Use Case

Venus needed a Voice of Customer solution that gave their team direct and instant access to the answers they needed to make the right decisions. Now, Yogi’s self-serve platform is a resource across a variety of teams to quantify customer experience feedback and inform decisions.

Data Informed Solution

Yogi enables Venus to determine the prominence and impact of specific issues, helping them prioritize actions based on customer preferences and pain points. Yogi's capabilities provide marketwide intelligence and data visualizations, enabling better decision-making across teams.

Return on Investment

At Venus, Yogi synthesizes customer feedback and allows them to benchmark against customer expectations and competitors. The platform provides context and allows Venus to better align their strategies and prioritize resources efficiently.

Bridging the gap between customer reviews and data-driven decision making

Effortless Onboarding: Seamlessly Integrating Yogi into Venus's Workflows

Recognizing the value of their customer feedback, Venus knew they needed to harness the information hidden in their online reviews and ratings. Yet, conventional methods like tracking reviews in spreadsheets proved arduous, consuming valuable time and resources. Enter: Yogi.

From the initial demo with Yogi’s customer sentiment platform, which showcased data from their own products and competitors, Venus was able to validate ideas about their customers with Yogi data. The team quickly made use of the platform, turning reviews into a deep and accurate data source.

One of the standout features that drew Venus to Yogi was seamless integration, requiring no assistance from IT. The low barrier to entry allowed the team at Venus to quickly get the answers they needed from their customer review data:

"If Yogi was a tool that required heavy lifting from our IT team, that would not be feasible for immediate implementation. But the fact that it didn't require any effort from our team helped us to move forward fast." - Maryam Afshar 

Yogi User Spotlight: Dr. Maryam Afshar

Maryam leads Venus Customer Experience Lab, where she is responsible for user experience studies, brand tracking, and concept testing. In short, her teams seek to understand and provide the “why” behind the “what” at Venus.

“We receive so many comments every day, sharing the things that [customers] want to talk about. Listening to that on a day-to-day basis is very, very important - and very time-consuming and labor-intensive. We can all take NPS scores, but that doesn't tell us why or what customers are experiencing with your brand. Yogi is a platform that provides you with that. It's the difference between listening to your customers and not listening to them.

Empowering Teams: Leveraging Yogi Across the Organization

Since integrating Yogi into workflows, Venus has experienced a remarkable shift. Multiple teams within the company now have access to the Yogi platform, enabling them to independently explore and prioritize their specific questions and needs. This democratized approach empowers each department to power its decisions with customer input to drive meaningful changes.

Using Yogi, Venus has unlocked a new level of customer understanding. They are now equipped to evaluate the significance of customer feedback, benchmark their performance against customer expectations, and gain insights into how external factors influence customer experiences.

The Power of Yogi: Contextualizing Customer Feedback for Actionable Insights

Through Yogi, Venus has transformed their qualitative customer feedback into actionable, data-backed insights. The platform enables ongoing tracking and improvement of customer sentiment, empowering the Venus team to align their efforts with customer needs and deliver exceptional experiences.

Yogi has become an invaluable asset in their pursuit of customer-centricity and growth, enabling them to continuously evolve and meet the ever-changing needs of their customers.

Yogi can take your shopper insights to the next level.

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