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13 Statistics to Understand the Value of Voice of Customer Analysis for Consumer Goods Brands

In 2024, the significance of understanding customer opinions and experiences has never been more important. Whenever your customers express an opinion about their experience with your company – either directly or indirectly – they contribute to an overall data set known as Voice of Customer (VoC).

Voice of Customer includes the collective opinions and feedback gathered from your customer base through sources such as online reviews and customer support tickets. VoC analytics is the process of turning that information into consumer insights. These insights quantify customer sentiment and behaviors, offering a roadmap for brands to drive better customer experiences, increased loyalty, and ultimately, higher sales.

In this article, we’ll explore top statistics highlighting VoC analysis's impact on sales and brand perception in 2024. ‍

1. Over 99.9% of Customers Read Reviews When Shopping Online

The staggering majority of online shoppers consult reviews before making a purchase decision. Negative reviews, in particular, offer a level of transparency and authenticity that today’s consumers demand, providing crucial insights into the product experience. 

This statistic tells us that VoC data from online reviews is essential for understanding consumer preferences and expectations, making it a cornerstone of effective Voice of Customer Analytics.


2. 98% of Consumers Feel Reviews Are Essential for Purchase Decisions

Ratings and reviews have become the most important factor impacting purchase decisions, ranking above price, free shipping, brand, and recommendations from family and friends. This highlights the shift towards peer validation and the authenticity of the shopping experience in determining purchase choices.

VoC analytics leverage reviews to provide insights into consumer behavior and preferences, guiding strategic business decisions in a comprehensive Voice of Customer Program.


3. Most Companies Analyze Only 37-40% of Consumer Data

Despite the vast amount of data generated by customer interactions and online product reviews, a significant portion remains unexplored and untapped. This represents a crucial opportunity for brands to leverage AI and big data analytics to unlock deeper insights from consumer feedback. Effective Voice of Customer Analytics can bridge this gap, transforming unstructured data into valuable business intelligence.


4. 95% of Businesses Struggle with Managing Unstructured Data

The challenge of managing unstructured data, such as customer reviews and call center data, highlights the growing need for advanced AI solutions capable of deciphering valuable insights from vast amounts of feedback.

By prioritizing VoC analytics, businesses can better manage and utilize this data to improve customer experiences and drive strategic initiatives within their Voice of Customer Program.


5. 97.2% of Businesses are Investing in Big Data and AI Solutions

Companies that use big data solutions increase profits by an average of 8%. The widespread investment in AI solutions for consumer feedback data reflects a broader industry recognition of the value contained within customer feedback.

Leveraging these technologies to analyze customer feedback data can lead to significant ROI, underscoring the importance of data-driven decision-making within a robust Voice of Customer Analytics framework.


6. 67% of Brands Plan to Increase Investment in Consumer-Generated Content

This strategic shift towards valuing authentic customer voices as a primary engagement and content strategy acknowledges the influential power of customer feedback in shaping purchase behaviors and brand perceptions.

By focusing on VoC analytics, brands can effectively harness this feedback to enhance their marketing and product strategies, forming a critical component of their Voice of Customer Program.


7. Direct Feedback to Brands Has Fallen by 7.2% Since 2021

With two-thirds of customers now choosing not to provide direct feedback, it is crucial for brands to adopt more nuanced approaches to gathering consumer sentiment. 

Utilizing indirect feedback channels like online reviews from retail platforms allows for capturing the authentic voice of the customer. VoC analytics plays a key role in interpreting this feedback to inform business strategies within a comprehensive Voice of Customer Program.


8. 61% of Purchases Driven by Product Quality in 2024

Winning and retaining customer loyalty and market share is more nuanced now than ever. The prioritization among consumers of product quality and customer service over price indicates the need for exceptional product experiences and post-purchase support.

VoC analytics helps brands focus on these critical areas to drive customer satisfaction and loyalty, and ultimately drive sales.


9. 73% of Consumers Have Changed Spending Habits Due to Economic Climate

In a cautious economic environment, the value proposition and perceived quality of products, as validated by consumer reviews, become even more critical in influencing purchasing decisions. VoC analytics provides insights into these changing behaviors, enabling brands to adapt their strategies accordingly and stay aligned as an organization.


10. Millennials and Gen Z Prefer New Brands 6 Times More Than Traditional Ones

This significant shift in brand loyalty among younger generations highlights the importance for established brands to rejuvenate their offerings and engage actively with these dynamic consumer segments. VoC analytics helps brands understand and cater to the preferences of these key demographics, ensuring their Voice of Customer Program addresses the evolving market trends.


11. 80% of Consumers Actively Seek Better Prices

With pricing transparency at an all-time high due to digital platforms, consumers are increasingly price-sensitive. This environment demands that brands continuously revisit and adjust their value propositions. VoC analytics assists brands in understanding competitive pricing dynamics and consumer expectations.


12. 40% of Consumers Focusing on Essentials

The current economic climate has led to a more conservative approach to consumer spending, with a marked shift towards essential goods. VoC analytics helps brands align their offerings closely with consumer needs, ensuring they provide maximum value and utility without compromising on quality. 


13. 81% of Retail Shoppers Conduct Online Research Before Buying

As shoppers extensively compare products and assess reviews across different platforms, it's imperative for brands to engage in continuous competitive analysis. Understanding the competitive landscape through VoC analytics helps brands refine their offerings and ensure they remain attractive and relevant to informed consumers. This ongoing analysis is a cornerstone of an effective Voice of Customer Program.

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Embracing Voice of Customer: Key Themes

Throughout this article, we've highlighted several key statistics that underscore the importance of Voice of Customer (VoC) analysis in today’s business landscape:

  • Prevalence of Online Reviews: With over 99.9% of customers reading reviews when shopping online, it’s clear that customer feedback is essential in the digital buying journey. Reviews provide transparency and authenticity, which are crucial for today’s consumers.
  • Influence on Purchase Decisions: 98% of consumers consider reviews an essential resource when making purchase decisions, ranking them above price and brand reputation. This shift towards peer validation demonstrates the power of VoC data in guiding consumer behavior.
  • Untapped Data Potential: Despite the abundance of customer interactions and reviews, companies analyze only 37-40% of this data. This highlights the significant opportunity for brands to leverage VoC analytics to unlock deeper insights and drive strategic decisions.
  • Challenges with Unstructured Data: 95% of businesses struggle with managing unstructured data like customer reviews. VoC analytics can address this challenge, providing advanced solutions to distill and interpret vast amounts of feedback.
  • Investment in Big Data and AI: With 97.2% of businesses investing in these technologies, the value of VoC analytics is recognized industry-wide. These investments lead to significant ROI, emphasizing the importance of data-driven decision-making.

These themes illustrate how VoC analytics is not only crucial for understanding customer preferences and improving experiences but also for driving growth and staying competitive in a rapidly evolving market.

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