Top 10 eCommerce Ratings and Review Analysis Platforms of 2022

Top 10 Review Platforms of 2022

Product reviews are changing the e-commerce landscape. In fact, 93% of consumers report relying on reviews as a regular part of their customer journey.This influx of data not only benefits shoppers, but also provides brands with an abundance of rich customer feedback straight from real, unbiased customers. When leveraged properly, brands are able to cut costs of extensive market research by utilizing review analysis tools to do the heavy lifting.There are a variety of different software solutions aimed at utilizing online customer reviews.Most review platforms allow businesses to view statistics such as average star rating, total number of reviews, and other basic statistics. Beyond that, however, review tools vary greatly in terms of their core offerings and benefits.In this article we’ll discuss ten of the most popular review & ratings tools, diving into their main area of concentration and their core benefits:

1. Yogi

Yogi is a review analysis software that makes use of AI and natural language processing to take customer reviews and turn them into actionable insights. Yogi clearly identifies Customer Sentiment and Voice of Customer, enabling organizations to make data driven decisions in hours as opposed to months.Yogi leverages contextual text analysis at near human level accuracy, allowing brands to understand the most granular aspects of their customers experiences. The user friendly software makes the data accessible by providing a variety of views, dashboards, and BI visuals and integrations.Yogi sentiment analysis provides the most in depth and comprehensive level of analysis on the market, providing insights into:

Customer Sentiment

Customer sentiment is how clients feel about your brand and is an increasingly popular method for quantifying Voice of Customer. Not all conversation around your brand is good conversation - but all conversation around your brand or product is useful. Yogi performs in depth sentiment analysis across different dimensions to give you the full picture of your clients' feelings toward your product brand.

Product Improvements

With the aid of Yogi, businesses can learn what customers think about specific attributes of their products and associated customer experiences. Brands use this information to inform product roadmaps and identify what attributes to capitalize on in messaging. Yogi also helps users find opportunity gaps within their market while displaying their rank against competitors.

Competitor Analysis

When it comes to competitor analysis, Yogi provides an unparalleled advantage to its clients. Through its three steps: competitor sentiment visibility, holistic market view, and consumer perception, Yogi users gain an understanding of how consumers feel about their competitors. Not to mention putting into perspective their ranking within the market.

2. PowerReviews

PowerReviews is a UGC vendor with over a decade in the industry. Its main objective is to help users maximize conventions and get sales, accelerate improvements and guide their clients.PowerReviews focuses on aggregating meaningful data to create a data bank users can rely on to ensure their UGC is all accounted for, presenting high level analysis such as word clouds and average star rating.PowerReviews' ratings and reviews software also allows users to display their UGC with over 3,000 different views.Users can share their UGC across different e-commerce platforms.

3. BazaarVoice

BazaarVoice allows users to engage with their clients on a new level to maintain their reputation and responsiveness.BazaarVoice software uses both texts and emails as part of the aggregation process. Its In-Mail feature gives users a platform to increase their review volume. While still using the text feature to connect and engage with their clients.BazaarVoice also exposes high level insights about review statistics to provide a general understanding of overall customer satisfaction.One other feature worth noting about on Bazaar is engagement. This gives users the space to respond to customer's queries and reviews.

4. YotPo

Collect, preview, customize and measure. These are the core components of YotPo.YotPo was born out of the frustration of an avid camera lover who purchased the wrong camera as a result of a bad review.YotPo approaches its collection stage in 5 steps:

  • Review Requests
  • Custom Question
  • Prompts
  • Visual UGC Requests
  • Community Q&A

Each collection step gives users the chance to gather the right data, conduct in-depth analysis and reveal insights that are important in the customer journey.YotPo also takes reviews one step further by offering brands an opportunity to use platforms like Google and Facebook to increase their discoverability and traffic.

5. Revuze

Revuze reveals market insights for its users. Data collection and analysis that would otherwise take months is reduced to several hours with this platform.This software collects data across various platforms and organizes it to create clear insights detailing what customers want.

6. does exactly that. It monitors reviews across major e-commerce platforms. And provides actionable data that reveals where your product is excelling and what you need to work on.The customer reviews analysis platform has six objectives:

  • Financial Support
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Big Picture
  • Product Improvement
  • Fast and Scalable

7. ReviewTrackers

ReviewTrackers helps businesses use reviews to improve product visibility and better engage customers.Their reputation management software also proves helpful when it comes to standing out in the congested world of e-commerce. The software aims to outline various ways your brand can rise above the competition.ReviewTrackers also boasts risk mitigation features that revolve around using consumer feedback to watch out for any compliance problems your product may experience.

8. WonderFlow

Wonderflow provides a holistic view of customer feedback by capturing all your product reviews from a variety of sources.When it comes to the analysis of data, customers can expect services from expert linguistics and AI.Wonderflow's analytics aims to provide users with predictions that suggest actions users can implement to improve their brands.

9. TurnTo

TurnTo follows your consumers through their entire purchase journey. They help you track your clients from before and after their purchase.The Pixlee TurnTo software integrates customer feedback at six different stages:

  • Ecommerce reviews
  • Community Q&A
  • Checkout comments
  • Syndication
  • Sampling
  • Moderation

It takes this data to help users build a holistic understanding of their customers.

10. Birdeye

Birdeye prides itself on its online review management software. The product, which launched in 2012, helps businesses generate and manage reviews from over 200 websites. These include platforms like Facebook and TripAdvisor.And their Google integration system provides clients a seamless opportunity to improve their local SEO. After purchase, the software automatically sends a review request to your clients.This way, your focus is not on soliciting reviews, but rather on improving the product itself.

Choosing the Right Customer Review Analysis Platform

With reviews & ratings emerging as one of the most dense and information-rich data sources for enterprise CPG’s of our current era, finding the right tools to leverage them is vital.The right platform for any given organization will depend on their specific goals and use cases. The most important distinction is between reputation management software and insight acquisition tools.At Yogi, we understand data. Our unparalleled success in helping online retailers build better brands is the undisputed proof that our product works.

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