Emerging 2023 Trends & Predictions for CPG Based on Customer Sentiment Data


Emerging 2023 Trends & Predictions for CPG Based on Customer Sentiment Data

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The average shopper has access to more product information and peer reviews now than ever before. With nearly unlimited data available to them regarding any given product, brands now need to work harder to acquire new customers and retain existing ones. Leading brands are turning to Customer Sentiment & Voice-of-Customer to maintain an edge in the market and connect with current and potential customers.

In this webinar, hear predictions for 2023 based on current trends and customer sentiment data across a comprehensive set of brands and product categories. Learn how to leverage Customer Sentiment and Voice-of-Customer to create customer-centric strategies to win in an omnichannel landscape quickly.

This webinar was produced by BWG Strategies and features an in-depth conversation and live Q&A with Yogi CEO and Co-Founder, Gautam Kanumuru and Yogi Head of Insights Partnerships, Haithem Elembaby.

In this 45-minute discussion, you can expect:

  • An in-depth analysis of the current state of customer sentiment based on customer feedback data from the world’s largest CPG conglomerates
  • Consumer-data-informed predictions and trends for CPG in 2023
  • How brands are driving customer retention and customer acquisition faster than ever before using Customer Sentiment & Voice-of-Customer data
  • How conversations around Price & Value have shifted, and which product categories are the most and least impacted
  • Examples of Customer Sentiment Analysis driving agility for real brands
  • Identifying similarities in the most recession-resistant product categories to date

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