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Plant Based Protein Powder Beyond the Label: Exploring Texture Preferences

The organic protein powder market has captured consumer interest, fueled by a growing desire for clean and sustainable products. However, amidst the hype, a concerning trend has emerged: organic protein powders are falling short in terms of texture compared to their non-organic counterparts.

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So what do we see in the data?

  • Texture Troubles: Among organic protein powders, 12% of customer reviews mention texture and consistency. These reviews have an average star rating of just 2.8 stars. This stands in stark comparison to non-organic protein powders, where texture and consistency appear in only 7% of reviews and garner a 4.1 average star rating.
  • Gritty Dilemma: Consumers are particularly vocal about the grittiness or chalkiness of organic protein powders, highlighting a major pain point in the market. This dilemma poses a significant challenge for brands aiming to capture the organic protein powder audience.
  • The Bitter Aftertaste: As consumers become increasingly discerning, neglecting taste and texture could spell disaster for brands in the organic protein powder market. If left unaddressed, this trend may tarnish the reputation of organic options, turning enthusiasm into disappointment.

How to Turn Grit into Gains

One thing is clear: organic protein powders fall short in terms of texture. However, a brand that sets out to solve these common complaints may stand to gain it all.

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