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Samsonite: Paying the Price for Cutting Costs on Quality

Sent Packing: Travelers Want Sturdy Bags

New Year, New You is well underway and for 11% of Americans, that means vowing to “travel more” as a 2024 resolution. However, for those planning to trade in their old luggage for some new gear, there may be bad news as Samsonite, one of the top luggage brands, is seeing some turbulence in its ratings.

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Paying the Price for Cutting Costs on Quality

  • The average rating for their leading carry-on roller has plummeted since 2020, losing over a star and ending 2023 at just a 3.55 average star rating. This decline is driven by loss in Quality & Durability as consumers complain of deep scratches, broken zippers, and unusable handles after minimal use.
  • Quality & Durability is key for consumers as 19% of reviews mention the theme, while 16% of reviews discuss Size & Weight.
  • Size & Weight is one of the higher-rated themes for the brand, though even this theme has declined since 2020. Consumers appreciate how lightweight and spacious the luggage is, but are growing frustrated by inaccurate dimensions which may prevent them from taking the bag onto airlines with stricter guidelines.

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