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Strategies that Stink: How Scent Can Make or Break Star Ratings

Fragrance Fiasco: How Scent Affects High-End Moisturizer Ratings

In the world of high-end moisturizers, where every cream promises a touch of indulgence, a surprising factor is causing a wrinkle in customer satisfaction: the scent.

Our analysis of 7 high-end moisturizers reveals that scent matters more than you think. On average, 13% of reviews mention the scent of the product

Issue #26 Moisturizer

Here's what we found:

  • The average rating for these products stands at a solid 4.18 average stars, but in reviews that mentioned scent, that average rating fell to a less impressive 3.84 average stars.
  • Customers have reported headaches and discomfort, with some scents described as "unbearable" and "reminiscent of cheap fragrances." Consumers who mentioned having sensitive skin expressed even greater concern. As one Youth to the People Superfood Air-Whip Moisture Cream reviewer put it "...Why is there so much fragrance added?! I don’t need fragrance on my face"
  • Consumers seem to prefer scents that are more light and subtle, like Fresh’s Rose Hyaluronic Acid Deep Hydration Moisturizer, which experienced a 4% increase in average rating when consumers mentioned its scent. One reviewer saying: "I love the soft rose scent, it smells like gentle and sweet rosewater rather than heavy old lady perfume. Highly recommend."

What's Impacting Customer Scent-iment?

From qualities like scent, to packaging and fulfillment, to the wording of your PDP's, one thing is for sure: consumers are strongly opinionated - and they want flawless products.

By utilizing consumer reviews to prioritize features, updates, and messaging, brands are able to create products and experiences that hit right on the nose.

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