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"The Pink Stuff" Case Study: Why Going Viral Isn't Everything

Scrubbing the surface: Cleaning up the hype

As spring fills the air, it's time to bid farewell to puffy winter coats and embrace the tradition of Spring Cleaning. However, amidst the array of multi-purpose and all-purpose cleaners, one product seems to be falling short of expectations.

TikTok favorite, Stardrops “The Pink Stuff,” may be garnering the most review volume across all brands, but when looking at organic star rating, the product isn’t standing up to consumers’ expectations. At just 3.7 stars, the product is rated significantly below competitors.

  • While scent dominates discussions in most cleaner reviews, "The Pink Stuff" differs as reviewers discuss its Cleaning Effectiveness most often. However, many are finding the cleaning power doesn’t meet their expectations, wanting the product to live up to its “miracle cleaning” claims, but finding there’s much more scrubbing involved.
  • With about 4% of reviews mentioning online or social media, it’s evident that The Pink Stuff’s strong online presence is driving consumers to buy the product. However, reviews mentioning finding the product online have an even lower star rating at 3.5 stars, indicating a disconnect between hype and reality.
  • Mrs. Meyer's Multi-Surface Cleaner Concentrate, on the other hand,  may not be garnering as many reviews, but it shines in terms of performance. With the highest average rating of 4.67, consumers say the product leaves a refreshing, lasting fragrance and is good for daily and deep cleaning.

Mop the floor with your competitors

What can we learn from the "The Pink Stuff"? Making a splash on social media can only take you so far. Brands can only maintain the success from a viral video if the product delivers on its promises.

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