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The Skin Care Issue: Battle of the Viral Brands

Suds and Sensibility

Striking the right balance in skincare

Issue #22 Facial Cleansers

The Insight

At a time when skincare routines are as viral as cat videos, consumers are more savvy and selective about the products they include in their routines. Our analysis of 6 popular facial cleansers reviews reveals frothy competition for the top spot. Unsurprisingly, Moisture/Hydration and Cleansing Effectiveness - together account for nearly half (47%) of all comments.

In this arena, La Roche Posay's Toleriane Foaming Facial Cleanser has emerged as the crowd favorite, boasting an impressive 4.52-star rating in reviews emphasizing moisture or cleansing. Although Cetaphil is close behind, La Roche Posay's leading status is a testament to their product’s ability to purify without parching - as one user put it, the product “...strips away all the oil without drying out my face...".

On the flip side, COSRX Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser lags behind with only 41% of its reviews mentioning these key themes, with those mentions at a less-than-stellar 3.22-star average. Users' grievances about its drying effects, especially on sensitive skin, paint a picture of a product that cleans, yes, but at the cost of over-stripping some consumers’ delicate moisture barrier.

The Takeaway

In the slippery slope of skincare marketing, the message is clear: balance is king. Here are three takeaway tips for brand marketers and product managers:

  1. Hydration is the Holy Grail: Products like La Roche Posay's cleanser have set the bar that competitors must meet or exceed. Ensure your product not only cleanses effectively but also maintains skin hydration.
  2. Customization is Key: Skin types vary, and one size does not fit all. Products should not only be tailored to different skin types but also be clearly labeled and described as such on their PDPs.
  3. Leverage User Feedback: Use social media and e-commerce reviews as your crystal ball. What topics are your consumers primarily talking about, and how positively do they speak about your products compared to alternatives? This serves as a direct line to consumer sentiment and is akin to eavesdropping on the world's biggest focus group.

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