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Trail Mix: Are Consumers Going Nuts over Generic Brands?

Going Nuts for Generic: Why Planters is Losing Out

In the battle for your snack bowl, generic brands like Happy Belly (Amazon), Great Value (Walmart), and Kirkland Signature (Costco) are giving the name-brand favorite, Planters, a run for its money.

What exactly is driving consumers to choose these generic options over the familiar Planters brand? While affordability is always top of mind, Flavor & Taste and Ingredients & Formulation prove to be the major purchase drivers and areas where Planters is falling behind.

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Here's what the data tells us:

  • Poor Taste: Consumers note the Planters Deluxe Mix is too salty and bland. Planters is the lowest performing mix when it comes to Flavor & Taste, as reviews mentioning flavor rate the product at just 3.24 stars. Happy Belly, on the other hand, excels in Flavor & Taste, rated at 4.03 stars, as reviewers call the mix perfectly salted and fresh.
  • Almond Overload: For reviews discussing the ingredients, many state that Planters is “almond overload,” which is reflected in the 3 star rating. Given the price and the “deluxe” product name, consumers expected a higher ratio of premium nuts. Within generic reviews, consumers applaud the variety of nuts in the mixes, with some including macadamia nuts and hazelnuts.
  • Price and Value: Overall, consumers are finding generic brands to be a better deal, not just in terms of price, but in value and quality. To stay competitive, Planters must reestablish their products as the best in terms of quality, ingredients, and flavor in order to win over consumers’ attention and taste buds.

Cracking the Code on Consumer Preferences

So how could Planters win back their customers?  A look at consumer data would give them insights such as:

  • How to optimize their flavor and taste profiles for consumer tastes and trends.
  • Why competing brands are outperforming their products (What makes Great Value taste so good?)
  • Which retailers to prioritize or deprioritize (Is it worth competing with Kirkland?)

No matter what market you're in, understanding consumer data is vital for maintaining market share and brand loyalty.

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